Info Page Alerts

Send to IPA
SNPP, email, TAP modem, phone line, web ...
View answers
on a screen, on the web, on your cell
Sent to users
Application, SMS, voice robot.
Give an answer
via the application, via SMS, choice of response of the vocal robot.

Alert Management and Analysis

Pour tout type de besoin et d'outils

We accept most of the transmission protocols

Live view

Smart Distribution, and Analysis and Management Tools

The assurance of receiving alerts

Give your answer

The right people at the right time

Intelligent distribution of your urgent messages, the assurance of immediate support. Live analysis and visualization, statistics and detailed history.

Info Page Alerts is ideally suited to dispatch centers, equipment monitoring software, or to those wishing to quickly transmit urgent messages requiring immediate support.

By internet via SNPP, email, or web. Or by phone line via your dedicated number, or modem connection. You have a high level of redundancy to send us your urgent alerts.

Follow live responses from your users, who received, read, and their answers. Thanks to your simple and intuitive administration interface, or on your phone or even on any screen. History and statistics allow you to analyze in depth the path of your messages.

The intuitive interface includes an availability calendar, automated messaging, rights management, groups, cascades and more...

Our android and Iphone compatible mobile application allows you to receive messages with a distinct sound and reminders until you read the message. In case of failure of your internet an SMS will be sent automatically. You can also receive directly by SMS or automated voice call.

Whether through mobile application, SMS or voice robot. You can quickly choose a predefined answer, or your own answer.

You can send to groups, selected individuals but also single or multiple cascades to have the right number of actors.

Real-time stakeholder management

Real time or scheduled availability. Possibility of having as many groups as desired, plus individual, grouped or cascaded call distribution.

Multiple reception modes

Via our mobile application on Iphone and Android, by SMS, or automated voicemail.

IPA on most sending alerts systems

Transmit via SNPP, email, web, TAP modem, landlines and via your private web interface.

Groups et cascading

Reserved phone number, for a customizable distribution, grouped, cascading, in parallel ...


To accelerate decision-making in an informed way. Places the users, the destination of interventions, and gives you the route.


Chronology of calls and user responses to detail the actions to the nearest second. All the evidence for an exact analysis.


Management of calls according to attendance and absences. To see the availability in real time and better distribute.


Details of the alerts sent. Who has not received, read, or answered ... and why? by individual and by group.

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